Accounting services 101

When looking for accounting services you may be interested in finding out the basic details of accounting. It is prudent to do so since it is your business under review. Accounting basically keeps records of your business transactions.

Benefits of accounting

  • At any moment in time, you can know how much you have in your cash account. This will enable you to identify a discrepancy in your bank account and your records of your cash account.
  • You can always know when your inventories are running low. Your inventories account will always be updated whenever inventories are bought or sold. You can thus be able to prepare adequately so that you never run short of stock.
  • You can also account accurately for your tax depreciation. This allows you to pay less tax.
  • You can be able to forecast your future earnings based on the records of the past. You may review your accounting records for the past two years and identify the seasons when you did better than others. You can thus make plans to take advantage of these peak seasons so that you can bring in more.
  • You are also able to know at a glance what you owe to suppliers and what suppliers owe you. A look at your accounts payable and receivables records will enable you to know your current position.

There are various types of accounts that bookkeepers normally will keep for you. It is good to familiarise yourself with each so that you know what you are looking at. Some of the basic records are:

Accounts receivable

You may make some sales on credit to some of your local customers. These are called accounts receivables in accounting language. The sales will be recorded as having taken place but to recognise that they were on credit, the accounts receivable account is created. As customers pay up what they owe, the outstanding balance in this account reduces. At the end of the month, you will know what you are still owed and by whom.

 Accounts payable

When you buy your supplies on credit, you also need to record that you owe some money to your suppliers. This amount is recorded in the accounts payable accounts. As you make payments during the month, the balance will reduce. At the end of the month, you will be able to know how much you still owe to your suppliers.

Inventories account

This account begins with an opening stock that is the inventory that you have brought forward in a new month. After this, you will record the inventory that you buy during the month as you buy it and also record when it goes out in terms of sales or for production purposes. The closing balance will be the unutilised inventory at the end of the month.

Cash account

When you open your business, you will probably transfer your savings or loan to the business account. This is the cash account. It is what you’ll use to make your purchases and pay for your expenses. Money goes out, its balance will reduce. It increases when money comes in the form of sales and payments from customers.


These are the accounts for the regular expenses that you’ll incur. A ledger should be kept for each specific account to begin with. The expenses covered, in this case, would include electricity, rent, water, telephone, salaries and wages and depreciation.

These are just some of the basic accounts that your bookkeeper will set out for you. Most accountants will keep your business out of financial trouble and this company offers franchise and xero accountant expertise. Set aside some time for them to explain each account to you and anything that they find not to be in order. Your business will be better for it.

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What Are Is All The Fuss About Wine Tours In Perth?

One of the best attractions which Perth has and can boast of, which Melbourne doesn’t, is the wine tours Perth that is organized. These tours take you on a leisurely cruise up the Swan Valley. While on the boat you enjoy your morning tea with a muffin or cookie. That is followed by the blue cow cheese as well as biscuits with your wine tasting. Then you connect with the coach tour in the Swan Valley and get to taste the beer, cheese, and chocolate. What can be a better way to spend a whole day?

When you opt for the Swan Valley tour, you will realize that it is a paradise for all wine lovers. Swan Valley has boutique wineries and is known as the birthplace of viticulture in Western Australia. It's always important to hire a good Perth bus hire company for your needs. Bus hire providers in Perth will be able to take you to all of your preferred destinations.

When on the wine tour, you get to sample the wine of the month which is from the local vineyards in Swan Valley. You also are informed about the river history as well as the wetlands while watching the scenery go by from the boat which is fully air-conditioned and in the airline style. Once the first leg is completed, which is the cruise, the coach driver will then take you on the driving tour, and you will get to visit boutique wineries. You are also given a souvenir tasting booklet in which you can jot down your tastings.

In addition to this, you can see the artisan food producers and the chocolate as well as nougat makers.  You will also get a chance to sample the craft beers of the Swan Valley.

Then lunch will be a vineyard platter, and it comes complete with wine which is offered complimentary to the members of the group. Some of these cruises allow you to choose your favorite wine for the meal. You can then purchase wines or gifts from the Emporium. Then you can taste chocolates as well as truffles at the Margaret River Chocolate company.

The tour is 8 hours of total bliss and you are dropped off either in Perth, Guildford or Burswood.

 If you decide you do not want to do a full day tour, then you can opt for a half-day scenic cruise as well. In this, the various sights are pointed out by the Captain, which includes the Bell Tower, the Swan Brewery, the King’s Park, The Yacht Club and the homes which overlook the inner harbor of Freemantle as well as the river. During this tour, you can get to enjoy wine tasting of the different Australian wines, and if you so want, you can have unlimited tea and coffee as well.

Or else, you can choose an extended return where you are allowed to break journey at Freemantle, explore the city, enjoy coffee on the Cappuccino Strip, treat yourself to fish and chips at the Fishing Boat Harbor or even visit the pubs for a boutique beer experience and then take a leisurely cruise back and enjoy your wine tasting on the return journey.

These are some of the ways to enjoy the wine tours Perth has to offer.

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Great Foods for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is one of the most important times in a woman’s life. The way that she eats and takes care of herself directly impacts her baby. There are many different stages of pregnancy. Every woman experiences these stages in a unique way. The overall goal of this time is to produce a child that is healthy and happy.

Proper nutrition is a terrific tool when it comes to having a healthy baby. In many instances the health habits of a pregnant woman will follow her child for life. Making the best nutrition choices will definitely help in this process. Eating well assists the mother throughout her pregnancy, as well as, the baby she’s carrying. Let’s take a look at 6 foods that are known to benefit pregnant women.

1 – Low-fat Yogurt

Yogurt is a terrific dietary addition for women whether they are pregnant or not. Low-fat yogurt usually lacks the added sugar that many other products offer. There is more calcium in this type of yogurt. At the same time pregnant women take in high protein with this food choice.

2 – Whole Grains

Whole grains have become popular food choices for people dieting. These foods are great for pregnant women, too. They are high in folic acid and iron. There are snacks, cereals and breads on the market that are made with whole grains.

3 – Berries

There are many great berry choices that can benefit pregnant women. Blueberries, raspberries and blackberries fit into this category. These food selections have vitamin C, potassium and fiber. They can make terrific snacks, desserts or even breakfast. Fresh berries are probably the best way to get this fruit.

4 – Beans

Pregnant women should eat beans because they contain iron, folic acid, calcium and zinc. These can be added to healthy entrée or meat choices. Refried beans can be used to get these veggies into your diet. There are great recipes that include beans or bean combinations. Salads and side dish recipes include a variety of beans.

5 – Eggs

A pregnant woman can benefit from adding eggs to her diet. This particular food is associated with brain development. It is also a good source of amino acids. There are casseroles, stir fries and other dishes that include eggs. These can be used in preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner. Boiled eggs can be great choices for a healthy snack.

6 – Salmon

Salmon is a food not commonly associated with pregnant eating because of the mercury it contains. Some studies show that at least 12 ounces of salmon per week is fine for pregnant women. This food choice is tasty and is a great for the development of baby’s brain and eyes.

It is very important to eat well to have a healthy baby. The better a woman eats during this time, the healthier her child is likely to be. Nutrition can also play a direct role when it comes to weight gain during pregnancy. Good food selections can result in less overall fat and weight gain.



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